Set Free from Fear

A student from our ESL program became fearful given the news that’s out there (COVID-19) and became pretty concerned with what’s going on. One of our ESL teachers forwarded the message The Name that Protects You (March 15, 2020) to the student and they listened. The student called back to the teacher and just said their spirits were lifted. They were so encouraged with hope that they took the same message and shared it with all their friends. Hallelujah!

I have a brand new husband

My husband was diagnosed with severe mood disorder. Some days are great, but most days they’re not. When it’s a good day, I lived in anticipation and fear of when the next bad episode will happen. After listening to a sermon from the series “Where God’s grace abounds, there is…”, my husband became a changed man. He took care of our home and family, which rarely happened before! Praise God, I have a brand new husband.