Ray Liu

ray [at] eastridge.ca   |   (905) 640-3911 ext. 22

After graduating from Tyndale Seminary with a Master of Divinity in 2012, Ray joined the pastoral team here at EastRidge. He started as the Youth & Young Adults Pastor, transitioned to Associate Pastor in 2016, and became the Lead Pastor in October 2019.

Ray is married to Wai-Lam, and together, they have two daughters. Ray believes that through the preaching of the love and grace of Jesus, people will be set free from condemnation, guilt, addictions, and illnesses and be able to live a victorious life in Christ. During his spare time, he enjoys playing competitive volleyball and BBQing for family and friends.

Lou Geense

lou [at] eastridge.ca   |   (905) 640-3911 ext. 24

After serving for nine years as the Director of Relief and Development for EMCC, Lou rejoined the EastRidge staff in October 2017. Prior to this, Lou was lead pastor at EastRidge for sixteen years. He also served as pastor of an EMCC church in London, Ontario, and he and his family served as missionaries for two years in Tanzania.

Lou has been married to Naomi for more than forty years. They have six adult children, five of whom are adopted. Lou and Naomi have also been fostering special needs children for more than twenty-five years. Presently, they have two total needs children in their care. In addition, they are proud grandparents to three grandchildren.

Lou works part time from Monday to Wednesday. Lou’s greatest joy is seeing people come to faith in Jesus and helping them grow in their relationship with the Lord. He has a strong passion for missions and believes in reaching out to the poor and those in need.

Tim Soukup

tim [at] eastridge.ca   |   (905) 640-3911 ext. 25

Tim served as a missionary with EMCC in Bolivia for nine years; two years as the pastor at the Union Church in Bogota, Colombia; and eight years as the pastor of the Gormley EMCC church. He has been married for over 30 years to Grace and has two grown sons. He hails originally from Minnesota.

Tim enjoys messing around with new technology, especially as it applies to the church. Most importantly, he loves to see people come to know Jesus as their Saviour and live out their Christian life in the real world. After twenty-one years of pastoring full-time at EastRidge, as of 2017, Tim works part-time Wednesday to Friday.

Katie Bernhardt

katie [at] eastridge.ca   |   (905) 640-3911 ext. 23  |   @eastridgechurchkids

Katie graduated in 2019 from Tyndale University with a health and human service degree, and a minor in psychology. In October 2019 she got married to a fellow Tyndale graduate and Newfoundlander Russell Porter. They moved to Labrador Canada where he serves as a pastor in a small Inuit community called Postville. She hopes to pursue social work in her career, while she serves in ministry with her husband.

Katie loves movie nights, iced coffee, animals and she is a huge Fall season fan. Katie loves working with children and hopes through ministry she can plant seeds of love for Christ in their hearts. Within the Social Work field, she has a specific heart for those suffering with substance abuse and addictions, and hopes to help them overcome these struggles and work toward health and wellness in their lives.


Karen Sayers, Office Administrator
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Yolanda Smidt, Office Assistant
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Tara Mansfield, Production Technician
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James Nighswander, Custodian
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