Healed from Cancer through the Holy Communion

Pastor Ray told me about the power of the Holy Communion almost 3 years ago. Not too long after, I met this beautiful woman who is now my wife today. Between the ages of 20-26, my wife had 32 moles removed due to melanoma which is a type of skin cancer. Early in the year when she was 26, she had two separate procedures to remove clusters of cancerous cells that had invaded into deeper layers of skin on her torso.

After a procedure, the protocol is to have a follow up and a 3-month check. Once she ‘passed’ the 3-month check, twice, she would progress to 6-month checkups and then a check-up every year. In the 6 years she was going through this, she had never made it past a 3-month check-up. Without fail, at every appointment, another mole would be identified as ‘changed’ and would require removing.

I remember seeing her in so much pain one day, pain I had never seen before. We took communion and I told her it has powers of healing, Jesus broke His body so ours can be healed!

One day she messages me after her appointment that she was getting every 3 months. No signs of cancer. She tells me she has never passed an appointment with no signs. I told her that’s God, this is amazing! I told her that I know you’re coming out of this, this is going away. And sure enough, appointment after appointment, no signs of cancer to this day! As of this year, at the age of 28, she has progressed to yearly checks. Praise the Lord!

Healed from Eating Disorder

After learning about the Holy Communion, later that week my sister randomly confessed she has an eating disorder and is anorexic.

I took her to a private place to do communion and pray with her over her eating disorder.

A month later, she texts me saying she hasn’t even thought about being anorexic and no longer had an eating disorder. Praise Jesus!

God gave me sweet sleep again

God gave me sweet sleep again

After listening to the message on healing on February 9 and being prayed for during ministry time, a lady in our congregation was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months! When God’s grace abounds, there is healing!