Read: Genesis 40:1-8

While Joseph was in prison two important prisoners, the king’s cupbearer and baker, were placed in Joseph’s care. Both had offended their master in some way. After these two men had been in Joseph’s custody for “some time,” Joseph must have gotten to know them and relate to them personally. One morning he noticed their sad, dejected faces and asked them, “Why do you look so sad today?” His question communicated interest and concern.  We get a little peak into the heart of Joseph. Men who are consumed with anger and bitterness do not often take a concern for the personal problems of others like this.  It would be understandable for Joseph to think that because of all the wrong done against him, everything should center on his own feelings and hurts.   When you look at the life of Joseph we see a glorious reflection that closely mirrors another life we are very intimately familiar with – Jesus.  In this passage Joseph shows us the compassion of Jesus.  There are many examples in Scripture where Jesus is moved with compassion for others.  As Dane Ortlund says in his book “Gentle and Lowly” “This compassion comes in waves over and over again in Christ’s ministry, driving him to heal the sick (Matt.14:14), feed the hungry (Matt 15:32), teach the crowds (Mark 6:34), and wipe away the tears of the bereaved (Luke 7:13).  The Greek word for “compassion” is the same in all these texts and refers most literally to the bowels or guts of a person – its’s an ancient way of referring to what rises up from one’s innermost core. This compassion reflects the deepest heart of Christ.”

Ask the Lord to give you eyes to notice others who are hurting and to have the same compassion that Jesus has shown us.


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