Read: Genesis 37: 29-35

First revenge and now lies!  If you were to read about Jacob’s family in earlier chapters you would see sexual sin, deception, and murder. The dysfunction in this family can be shocking to read.  What is even more shocking is the realization that God brought something good through this mess of a story about seriously broken people.  It is through the descendants of this less-than-stellar family that God chose to bring His truth and Messiah to the world.  Thankfully God can redeem the damage caused by the curse of sin.  The word “redemption” is borrowed from commerce, meaning to buy something or someone back. This is exactly what God does for those who believe in His Son for salvation. With the precious blood of His own Son, God purchases sinners from the slave market of sin.  Ephesians 1:7 NLT says “He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins.”  When we believe that no sinner is beyond God’s grace and no circumstances are beyond God’s redemption, we can have hope. God redeems, restores, reconciles, rebuilds and reclaims.

Have you received God’s gracious offer of redemption, Christ’s righteousness, in exchange for your sin? What impossible relationship or situation are you asking God to redeem, to His glory alone? God can be trusted, even if we have to wait a long time, perhaps even a very long time, to see the glory in the story. Will you trust God, who alone can redeem what sin destroys?*

Spend time reflecting on the amazing truth of redemption, that you have been bought at a great price – with the precious blood of Christ, and the hope you have because of that.

*Bible Study Fellowship 2021, Genesis

The Truth Of Redemption

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