Read: Luke 9:1-9
He told them: “Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt.” (verse 3)

When Jesus called the disciples, he gave them everything they needed to minister in the towns and villages where they were sent. He gave them power to preach the Good News and to heal the sick. There was no need to bring along anything for the work of the mission or even for everyday provisions. The people of God would supply places to sleep, food to eat, accommodations for personal hygiene, etc. Jesus taught the disciples to accept the hospitality of God’s people and see it as God’s provision for them. They were to build relationships with the people and share the Good News.

If the people rejected the Good News, the disciples were to move on but also warning the people about rejecting the truth. The mission was great and the time was short so there was little time to waste.

God has called us to the mission, and he has provided everything we need to carry out that mission. Certainly, the task seems to be less daunting today that it would have been in the first century – at least physically speaking. His ministry is still about word and deed. The message is still powerful, and our words must be spoken accompanied with acts of compassion. Those acts of compassion should also include should show the love of God in meeting human needs. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is built on this reality: a starving body needs food before it can hear the spiritual truth it needs.

We have all that we need to fulfil our calling as Jesus followers. If we are faithful in word and deed, we will see the powerful work of the Holy Spirit drawing people to the Father.

Father make us passionate about the mission you have given us. Help us to be faithful with the Good News and sharing it in word and in deeds. Amen.

The Gospel In Word & Deed

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