Mark 1:35-39
When they found him, they exclaimed: “Everyone is looking for you!”           Verse 39 (NIV)

It will not be too much longer before we encounter the white, cold, slippery stuff on our roads. Ontario drivers must be among the best since we have to navigate snow in the winter and detour signs in detour season. Some days the drive home is very different from the drive to work and construction detours are constantly rerouting us.

The disciples certainly must have felt the uncertainty that morning when they woke up and Jesus wasn’t in the house. They were probably planning on another day of walking with people and learning from Jesus as he interacted with them. This was different and the path in front of them was not familiar. A crowd had begun to gather in hopes of finding Jesus and asking him to help. Before long, it seemed everyone was looking for Jesus.

But Jesus had taken a different route. He knew that if you want to help others, you must first be equipped and prepared with the help of the Father. He knew he needed time away to be with his Father. He needed to refresh and refocus. Jesus also knew that his mission extended to others and his desire was to reach and preach beyond the local crowd. So, he traveled throughout the region to the streets of other towns to bring the Good News to many.

Have you taken time to be with God today, to be refreshed and refocused in his presence? Maybe there is a new route he is preparing for you.

Dear God, sometimes we are so busy that we forget to take time to be with you. Guide us to put you first in our lives. Keep us listening to the Holy Spirit and help us to be willing to take detours. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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