Deuteronomy 18:14-22 
The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, … Verse 15 (NIV)

There are certain types of people we just cannot seem to do without: a kind and compassionate physician, a patient teacher, a friend who confronts us with the painful truths we need to hear.

Israel, God’s people couldn’t do without a prophet like Moses. He was God’s mouthpiece. He received God’s word for Israel. No sorcery or divination could reveal God’s will – only the word of God through Moses.

But Moses would not be around forever. Could anyone take his place? God would appoint others to declare his will. Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and many others became God’s mouthpieces. Everything Israel heard them speak in the Lord’s name was true. Everything we hear from them in the Bible is still true. Yet none of them was “like Moses,” who spoke “face to face” with God (Exodus 33:11). Only one Prophet was closer: Jesus Christ.

Unlike Moses, Christ did not have to climb a mountain to get into God’s presence. Being God himself, he came from heaven’s glory to declare God’s truth on earth. And after he ascended, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to lead believers in the truth (John 14:25-2615:2616:7-13).

We cannot do life without the Holy Spirit. Compassionate and patient, the Spirit convicts us with the painful truth about our sin. Through the Spirit, God declares that we are righteous before Him. That’s the truth, from God’s mouth to your ears. Do you know his voice? Does he speak to you through his word?

Seek him daily in his word and he will speak clearly to your heart.

Holy Spirit, dwell within my heart, that I may bear the truth of God’s righteous judgement and boundless grace. Teach me the word of God, I pray. Amen.

Not Just Any Prophet

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