Genesis 3:1-10
Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day…Verse 8 (NIV) 

As a dad, I remember the days that I was away at work and due to long days and significant travel distance I would not see the kids for a week at a time, sometimes longer. When I saw them on Saturday and Sunday it was like a reunion and it was so good to see them and hold them again. 

At the beginning of earthly time, daily interaction between God and his human creatures was a natural thing. Humans were able to walk with God and hear his voice and enjoy his company. 

But sin changed all that. Instead of listening to God with childlike wonder, Adam and Eve chose to question God’s words and to doubt the sincerity of his relationship with them. They listened to the serpent, the devil, as he planted doubts in their minds. Then they disobeyed God, causing separation between themselves and him. Now they could no longer simply enjoy the company of God. And out of fear and guilt, they hid from him, knowing they had done wrong. 

Jesus told the disciples that it was important for him to leave the earth so the comforter, the Holy Spirit could come to live with and in believers (John 14:15-18). Paul in Romans 8:15-18 clearly states we are co-heirs with Christ, a part of the family of God.  In Christ we see God coming to walk alongside us again, and in the ascension, we can see our fellowship restored anew. 

Walk in fellowship with God, know the joy of His company. When sin enters into the relationship, ask for forgiveness and restore the fellowship and enjoy His company again. 

Father God, forgive us for our selfishness that separates us from your love. Help us to hear your voice and to enjoy your presence as a gift. Heal and restore us, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Walking With God

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