Please pre-register before attending each Sunday Worship Service.

(Registration will open each Tuesday morning and will close when capacity has been reached or by Friday morning.)

We will require all those that wish to attend In-Person Worship Services to pre-register (all adult children over 18 years of age must fill in their own registration).  


Before proceeding to the registration below you must ensure the following conditions before attending an in-person meeting at the church:

  1. You or those in your household have not travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.
  2. Have not tested positive for COVID-19 or those in your household or have been with others who have.
  3. You are not experiencing any of the following symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or feeling generally unwell).

What you can expect

This is what Sunday In-Person Services will look like.

  1. Please arrive at the church 15-20 minutes before the 9:30am service time.  Please dress for inclement weather as there may be a line up to get in the building.
  2. We need to abide by social distancing regulations at all times.
  3. We need to wear masks at all times. 
  4. No child care will be available at this time.  All families will stay together for the entirety of the service (you must accompany your children to the washroom, should that be required during service).  Activity sheets will be available for children to use during the service.  (Please no snacks).
  5. Please do not loiter or visit in the foyer or in the parking lot before or after service.
  6. Check in with the registration person when you arrive.  Please keep your coats with you.
  7. Once checked in, please sanitize your hands, and meet with an usher/greeter to be seated (seats will be assigned by family groups).
  8. Once in your seats please remain in your seats.
  9. At the end of the service you will be dismissed by row (starting at the back).  You must exit the building immediately.
  10. Only washrooms will be open for use. 
  11. Offering towers will be available at the back of the sanctuary for your use.  Please continue using the online options of giving, if possible.
  12. No food or drink (masks must be worn at all times). 


Based on data provided by Public Health and other governing bodies for Health and Safety, we consider individuals impacted by the following criteria as “vulnerable persons”.  While we would love for all to return to worship service, we recognize that the risk for some is much greater than others.  Out of concern for our vulnerable family, we recommend that those listed should not attend at this time.  Ultimately, we leave the decision to attend up to you.

  1. pregnant women
  2. those with compromised immune systems
  3. frontline medical workers
  4. anyone having other underlying medical conditions

As we are limited to number of attendees as per Public Health Regulations and Restrictions, we ask that all pre-register for the Sunday Services.  Registration will open Tuesday of each week for the upcoming Sunday.  The Registration process will close when our numbers have reached capacity or by Friday morning.  

You must read the Waiver Form below in its entirety and check the box to acknowledge that you have read and understand the content before registering you and your family. (By checking the button below before registering you do not have to print, sign or hand in the attached document.)

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