Watch Sermons Online

Every Sunday at 9:00am, come online and watch a new sermon by our pastoral team! Be encouraged throughout the week if you miss a Sunday service.


The pastors at EastRidge Church have pulled together some daily devotionals to encourage your hearts.

Online Events

We will be using Zoom for our online meetings. So please make sure you have it downloaded. All our meetings are password protected, so please let us know if you would like to join a meeting.

Click here to learn the best practices/online etiquette for online meetings.


To get the password to join our meets, contact

Summer (VBC – July 27-31)

Follow us on Facebook for updates: @eastridgechurchkids
K – Grade 2    |   On-line session time TBA
Grades 3 – 5    |   On-line session time TBA


Sunday School
JK – Grade 2    |   10:15 – 10:50am
Grades 3 – 6    |   11 – 11:45am

Best Practices/Online Etiquette

  1. Make sure your face has sufficient lighting.
    • Lighting works best in front of your face, not behind.
  2. Make sure your face is centered in the video camera.
    • We don’t want to see your forehead, or neck, or miss you all together.
    • Position the camera to eye level or slightly above.
  3. Select the quietest room/location you can find.
    • Turn off anything making noise in the background (TV, radio, appliances).
    • Put pets in a different room or have them in a place where they will be most quiet.
    • Places like a coffee shop or restaurant can work but sometimes background noise can be an issue. Noise canceling headphones can help with this.
  4. Only use one device per household.
    • When two devices are used in one location it produces feedback (really annoying noises).
  5. Mute your computer unless you’re talking.
    • If everyone’s microphone is turned on at the same time, the sound quality can be an issue and it can be hard to hear the person who is talking. So the best policy is to mute yourself when you are not talking.
    • If you are muted, make sure to nod your head and listen well so people can recognize you are following them.
    • You will be muting and unmuting A LOT, so get used to it.
    • Also, you’ll get called out if you don’t unmute, so don’t be offended.
    • Or maybe, the moderator will mute you, so don’t take that personally.
  6. Give full attention, don’t multitask.
    • When participants are not paying full attention it can be a big distraction online just like an in-person group.
    • When talking, spend some time looking at the camera, not just the screen.