Revelation 7:9-12
Before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language, standing be-fore the throne and before the Lamb.                          Verse 9 (NIV)

Many years ago I attended a large gathering in Toronto where people in worship sang a cappella with their own lyrics and in their own language. There were people of different ethnic and (I presumed) cultural differences. Coming from a strict reformed background it was all a bit strange. However, as I listened there was such a beauty to the sound and a deep sense of worship to Jesus, I enjoyed the experience and returned to the gathering several times throughout that year.

I can’t help but think that the experience I described was a foretaste of what John saw and described. There is a place in my heart that desires to see the church function as one. Not just our church or our denomination but The Church Universal. I am sure I will not see it until I am allowed to see what John describes in Revelation. Human nature always seems to get in the way of unity. Don’t we all sort of believe; “If everyone were just more like me, we could all get along.”

Sin has marred all of us. Thanks be to God that his plan is for reconciling man to himself. Thanks be to the Father for Jesus and the cross. Here is the really Good News: One day we will all be made whole. One day we will all be able to stand together to sing praise to God to glorify his name, with one heart, with one voice and in one accord.

I look forward to the day that we will truly be one and our worship will be pure and unhindered. Until then, I pray that we, the church, will work hard to be the body of Christ and to live in grace and forgiveness with one another so that Jesus might be glorified.

Lord forgive us for our selfish ways, desiring to have things done our way. Help us Jesus to see you, to see your sacrifice for us and allow us to worship you in truth and with love. In your precious name. Amen.

True Worship

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