2 Chronicles 30:21-27
Hezekiah spoke encouragingly to all the Levites, who showed good understanding of the service of the Lord. For the seven days they ate their assigned portion and offered fellowship offerings and praised the Lord, the God of their ancestors.                Verse 22 (NIV)

There was a period of time that I worked six days a week and five evenings during the week. There were bills to pay, the cost of resettling into a new house and the well in the backyard was dry while a deep well rig was drilling deeper and deeper to find water. Each foot was close to another 100 dollars. Life was not fun, and the pressure was constant. With strong encouragement from my wife it was a doable task and I did not lose heart.

Living for God is often a sweaty, difficult process, so we need to encourage one another. Hezekiah was a great encourager. When the Levites had to retrain themselves to do the work of the Lord, “Hezekiah spoke encouragingly” to them – even though they made a few mistakes along the way.

It is God’s great gift to each of us as parents, as church members, as spouses, to build each other up and be cheerful encouragers.

When tax time approached that year, I learned that I had worked too much and now I had a debt to pay to the government. With quiet resolve and more encouragement from Naomi, I put my work belt back on and did a few more nights and Saturdays of work to pay off my tax debt.

Serving Jesus is worthwhile. Someday we will all be rewarded with his gift of full life, and we’ll celebrate together and with God. In the meantime, be a Hezekiah Christian – one who has an encouraging word to say and a joyful spirit to lift others up.

Lord, give me the eyes to see the good in your people, and give me genuine words of encouragement so that I can help strengthen others. In your name I pray. Amen.


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