John 9
Whether he (Jesus) is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”                                                                                                            Verse 25 (NIV)

I can remember a number of times when one of my kids finally caught on to a concept that had alluded them. As we worked through the issue, slowly the light began to dawn and then finally in a shout of victory came: “I get it, I get it!” or “Now I See!”

A man blind from birth met Jesus. This story shows us that there is a difference between seeing physically with your eyes and seeing the truth – knowing the truth – clearly with your mind. The man blind from birth could only see after Jesus gave him the ability to see, both physically and spiritually. But the Pharisees, who could see physically all their lives, still couldn’t see the truth. They still couldn’t understand who Jesus was or what he was doing.

It’s not that the man blind from birth understood everything about Jesus. He answered many of the Pharisees’ questions about Jesus by saying, “I don’t know.” For people who follow Jesus today, that’s often true as well. There are some things about Jesus that we know for certain, and there are other things about Jesus that remain a mystery to us.

But just like this man in John 9, we can know with certainty what Jesus does in our lives. We can know the truth about how Jesus forgives our sins. We can know the truth about how Jesus gives us a new life and a new beginning. We can know the truth about hope for the ­future. Because of the ­promises in the Bible and because of the change Jesus makes in our lives, we can know the truth about our Saviour, Jesus. This is something we can see clearly, no matter what our physical sight is like!

Lord there are so many things that we still do not know or understand about you and your ways. Help us to see clearly what you can do in our lives through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Now I See

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