1Corinthians 10:27-33
Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  Verse 31 (NIV) 

Living with a heart full of gratitude is a call to live with our eyes wide open. It calls for knowing that every good gift, everything beautiful, and right, and perfect, and lovely, comes from God. It calls for us to know that at the center of the universe is God who is strong, loving, and good, and therefore, where we must direct our thanks. It calls us to know what we are to be most thankful for – that when we were helpless, hopeless, and dead in our sins, Christ gave us a new life, a holy purpose, and a new slate to write on. We understand that although we deserve nothing, we have been given everything, absolutely everything through God’s grace. Going about our days with a mind focused on gratitude makes a difference in us and a difference to those around us. 

Paul wants us to be careful about the way we live out our faith. Our joy and thankfulness for God’s gifts should be something that others find contagious, not condemning. It has been said that our Christian witness in this world would be much stronger and more effective if we stopped shouting about the things we are againstand started speaking more compellingly about the things we are for. That shouldn’t be hard for us, for we believe that God is overwhelmingly for us and for the people of this world. 

We need to pray earnestly, how we might demonstrate that beautiful truth to our neighbors today? 

God, you love this world so much that you gave your Son to save it. From the depths of our hearts we thank you. Help us to live with gratitude that moves our neighbors toward Jesus. Amen. 


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