Luke 10:27 (NIV)
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbour as yourself.

My parents and two older siblings immigrated to Canada. For my parents they always celebrated Canada Day and told us on a regular basis that they loved being Canadian. 

When they had visitors from Holland, they always remarked on how much space there is here and how much distance between towns. They notice how each house is different from its neighbour. They were also surprised how hot it is, because they always came in the summer. One of our visitors believed that it was cold in Canada all the time. He wondered how we could keep large farms under glass to allow things to grow. Lake Ontario was often called “the sea” by mistake, because lake is much smaller in Europe

Being a fairly young nation, Canada has so many amenities: straight, well-maintained highways, indoor shopping malls, playgrounds, comfort centres, fast food outlets, and churches with insulation and air conditioning.

God’s been good to us. There’s room for all here. We’re friendly. We welcome those from other countries, and all religions are free to worship here. We’re open-minded. We’re known the world over as peacemakers. I suspect that we might, in fact, be just a little apathetic, taking our blessings for granted.

Whatever the part of the globe that we call home, we need to stand on guard. We could lose our freedoms very easily. As patriots and as Christians, we must be good stewards of this part of the globe that we call home. This means taking care of everything from voting to littering. We need to be informed. We need to keep the Golden Rule, loving our neighbours as ourselves.

As Christians, this world is not our home. We belong to God’s kingdom, and one day, we will live with Him there. We are different from worldly people. God has placed us here to be salt and light – not to be assimilated into the world, but to have an effect on it. We are His ambassadors. 

Let’s remember to be light in the darkness. 

Father in heaven, we praise You for our own country, for Your creation, for blessings, and for freedom. Help us to know our true purpose: to serve and to “Stand on guard for Thee.” Amen. 

Canada Day

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