Psalm 68:5-6a  A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,is God in his holy dwelling.God sets the lonely in families, …. 

Matthew 9:36 - When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.  


I have mentioned my dad on a few occasions. He was a good role model and he dropped bits of wisdom into my life that helped to shape my thinking and my attitudes. One thing my dad did not do was being very affectionate. I don’t believe I ever heard my dad say, “I love you” to any of us boys. I am certain that he did, and he showed it by his care for us, we just did not hear it. Every day is imperfections and strengths.  

Our heavenly Father is compassionate, kind and loving, especially of those who are alienated & alone (Ps.68:5-6a). He also disciplines, corrects and directs us through the scriptures and the person of the Holy Spirit. One thing that he is not: Is absent.   

Matthew allows us to look into the heart of Jesus and see that he cares for us the way a father would do for a wandering and aimless child. I have encountered many young people during my years of ministry who were harassed & helpless. Two teenaged brothers who found their mother hanged in the basement when they were children, and an absent father, never allowed them to adjust properly to life as adults. A teenaged girl rebelling in every possible way because her father was an authoritarian and ruled with an iron fist, devoid of love. A good father is not something we should take for granted. 

As Christian families we have the added benefit of our dads having the example of a Heavenly Father filled with all the traits that help us to walk a path that blesses our families. As Christian dads we have the empowering Holy Spirit within us to help us be the kind of dads we need to be for our family and as an example in our community. 


Our Heavenly Father help our dads to be the best they can be and thank you for the dads you have blessed us with. Above all thank you for being our perfect heavenly Father. Amen 


Father’s Day 

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