Lk. 17:11-19.  Verse 17 – Jesus asked, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?”


Humans were not meant to live in isolation.  I have heard that comment more than once during this pandemic. Social distancing, no gatherings, limited excursions away from your property are all designed to reduce our interaction and we understand but it is just not normal.

Suffering from leprosy, the ten men cried for mercy from a distance. They too must have felt isolated and alone. Although Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem, he noticed these people in need. Asking no questions, he said simply, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” According to custom, the priests would determine if they were healed.

Can you imagine their surprise as they noticed while on their way, they were healed? What excitement must have filled their hearts. What would have been lifelong banishment from a normal life, was over! They were cleansed, and now they could be part of the community again. They could go home.

Once again, the correct reaction comes from “the foreigner,” the Samaritan.  He saw his healing and hurried back, praising God with excitement, not caring what anyone thought. He was loud. He was ecstatic. After all, he was healed! Throwing himself at Jesus’ feet, he did what we expected from all ten who had been healed. He took the time to thank his healer.

Yet where were the other nine? Jesus’ question prompts us all to think about our thankfulness. The thankful Samaritan was healed physically and spiritually, as Jesus pointed out: “Your faith has made you well.” Healed from the deadly disease of sin, we need to ask, “How do I express thanks for my healing?” How do you?


Lord Jesus, forgiver of my sin, healer of all my other illnesses, humbly I bow down and thank you for the gifts of your life and your love. Amen

Where are the Other Nine?

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