Matthew 5:14 (NIV)  [Jesus said] “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” 

Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania and sits on the south shore of Lake Victoria. It was always advised that we not travel at night due to robbers setting up roadblocks and then attacking while you tried to get through the blockage. On a trip to another city the orphanage administrator and I ran into a little problem. The steel belted radial tires had begun to come apart and we ended up with a flat tire. There were actually 14 punctures in the inner tube. It took some time to repair. Our final leg of the trip back home was going to be well after dark. After more than an hour of somewhat intense driving I finally saw the lights of Mwanza City on the horizon. Even though we still had a distance to travel the sight of those lights brought a sense of comfort knowing we were getting close. Close to home. 

Our real home is not here, it’s in heaven. Jesus won that home for each of us by dying and rising. His death paid for our sins; his resurrection proved that the debt was paid and that the gift has eternal value. Jesus is the light of the world and continues to show the way to an eternal home prepared for all who believe. 

In our present situation in the world many people are worried and uncertain of the future and yet they wander in spiritual darkness with no idea of how to get home. Jesus declares that we are the light of the world. Our lives can be the very light that leads them home. As people see us being kind, compassionate, forgiving, honest, fair, humble, confident, etc., they get a chance to “see” Jesus’ love in action. That, in turn, may open up a chance for us to tell someone about Jesus. And that may be the time when God works faith in that person’s heart, putting them on the road … to their heavenly home. The troubled times we live in now may well be filled with opportunities to be a “light on a hill.” 

Jesus, forgive me for failing to let my light of faith shine as clearly as it should. Often my light is shrouded by sin. Forgive me! Use me to shine brightly, that others might come to know your love, and finally be brought home with you in heaven. Amen. 

Light in the Darkness

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