“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Luke 11:9 (NIV)

According to the website livescience.com, Thomas Edison and his team of researchers in Edison’s laboratory in Menlo Park, N.J., tested more than 3,000 designs for the incandescent light bulb between 1878 and 1880. In November 1879, Edison filed a patent for an electric lamp with a carbon filament. Edison spent the next year finding the perfect filament for his new bulb, testing more than 6,000 plants to determine which material would burn the longest.

We are facing uncertain and difficult times and just as Edison did not give up, Jesus words to us are to not give up, not to lose hope, but to persevere in prayer. If you look close at today’s verse you will see that Jesus is showing us that there is often a deepening progression in prayer. He says first we are to ask, a simple act of praying for a need. “Lord, I am down to one roll of toilet paper, please let the store have some for me”. Second, we are to seek. Seeking is not a simple act, it is a process, that may take time. You may have to go to a lot of stores in and around town before you find a supply of toilet paper. Knocking, takes it a step further, and indicates a persistent knocking at a door until it is opened. You may have to go to a store manager and ask when the next shipment is coming in and what time it will be put on the shelf to be sure you will get some. At times, God may not answer our request immediately and we need to keep going to him in prayer and not give up.

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, remember that Jesus has opened the door for us to approach our Heavenly Father with our needs and requests. And not only has he provided access to our Heavenly Father, Romans 8:34 reminds us that “Christ Jesus who died – more than that, who was raised to life – is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us”. So, if you are facing a difficult situation, don’t give up, but keep on asking, seeking and knocking. Keep on keeping on.

Jesus, thank you, that you died and rose again, so that we can enter into our Heavenly Fathers presence and that you are interceding on our behalf. Help us not give up but to continue to bring all our needs and difficulties to you in prayer.

Keep On Keeping On

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