And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. – Matthew 6:18 (NIV)

My father worked at General Motors on the assembly line. His friend, Tim, also worked on the line very near my dad. When my dad died and I saw Tim at the funeral home he was extremely emotional. I asked, “Tim why are you so upset.” He replied, “Why does God take all the good ones first.” I did not understand. Tim informed me that my dad had in the past helped Tim to acquire his pension. Tim had grown older and slower and could not keep up to the number of pieces of work that came to him on the assembly line. For two years my dad did his work, ran over to Tim’s station helped him get caught up and then back to his own station. For eight hours every day my dad did his work and some of Tim’s and never mentioned it to anyone. Not one of us in the family knew about my dad’s kindness, not until Tim told us his story.

If we look for recognition of our good deeds it can easily become a form of performance. God invites us to give generously, not to receive likes on social media or recognition from others. He invites us to be generous simply to show off the love of Jesus. And when it is His heart that motivates our kindness, God is the only audience we need.

Loving Father, please fill my heart with your love. Help me to be satisfied with your attention. Guide me in generous living that puts all the focus on Jesus’ love for the world.

He Knows My Heart

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