Soccer ball with group of people in background

Men's Soccer

Wednesday nights, starts at 7:30

Soccer is open to men 19 years and older. Our soccer season starts in October and ends in May. The purpose of Men's indoor soccer is to have fun and meet other men from the community. We encourage you to come whenever you can or every week if you choose. Bring a friend as well! Soccer costs $10 a season. For more information, contact


Co-Ed Badminton

Monday & Thursday nights, starts at 7:30

Badminton is open to anyone 19 years and older. Our badminton season officially goes from October to May, but we continue to play on Mondays only between June and September.  The purpose of Co-Ed Badminton is to have fun, get some exercise and meet people from our community. We encourage those of all caliber of play to join us. Don't forget to bring a friend. Badminton is $10 a season, for more information contact